The grand secret of true obedience

Here's a a great quote from J.C. Ryle expounding on a great truth about God and loving him. This has taken me quite a while to grasp.

Love is the grand secret of true obedience to God. When we feel towards Him as children feel towards a dear father, we shall delight to do His will. We shall not find His commandments grievous, and work for Him like slaves under fear of the lash. We shall take pleasure in trying to keep His laws, and mourn when we transgress them. None work so well as those who work out of love. The fear of punishment, or the desire of reward, are principles of far less power. They do the will of God best, who do it from the heart.
 (via J.C. Ryle Quotes)

Also, I realize I haven't blogged in a while...I plan to change that when grad school ends for the semester and then in totality in May.