...if knowledge is power, know this is tyranny...

This is going to be a political post...partially.

I am not 100% sure of who I will vote for in this upcoming election currently. I think I will not vote for Barack Obama, because on the basis of each person's political philosophy, I clash strongly with him. He is a very good politician and it seems the media and general masses are infatuated with him. I don't terribly like that. I know the media is terribly biased and I basically loathe all of the major networks who perpetuate foolish stories, ridiculous rhetoric, and terrible bias. Basically, everyone who is insanely biased, ignorant, or dumb enough to not even talk about the opposing candidate without freaking out is a fool in my eyes. Also, rather annoying. I think that is all the politics for now I will blab about.

I am thankful for life. My friends are really great. Life is pretty darn good. The little things are great. I think that is all that I have for now.


...will i trust you, will i trust you to carry me through?

In the midst of a time when I should be doing many other things, I blog. That is a half truth, I am doing some needed uploading of music onto my computer though and alot of reorganizing.

Have you ever been so scared of something that you don't believe it happened to you or you saw it? You were almost in denial? When my eyes truly saw what this world is capable of, I almost didn't believe it. I almost denied that this world could be that corrupt. It is. This world is more corrupt than you know and we live in a place where demons are ever present it seems. But there is a battle happening. A battle unseen, a battle felt, a battle constant. Between the ultimate holiness and the ultimate corruption. We are all affected by this battle. We are in it and we are the victims and soldiers.

So I moved into my apartment recently and I enjoy it very much. I still feel so different after Peru. God has moved so much in my life that I can never look at things the same. If I had not been changed by Peru I certainly would have been doing something wrong.

If anyone reads this, drop a comment.


...this lesson you'd do well not to forget...

I hate my sin. Gahhhh. That really is it. Sanctification is not easy. I (in my humanity) suck alot. Not saying that all depressed or such, but I just suck. Also the bloody light bulbs in my fan keep flickering on and off. Bah.

Ever since I came back from Peru I feel just odd. I really want some alone time. Like a-l-o-n-e time. I am talking like a week of nothing. But, I have to move into my apartment, get worship stuff ready, make money and henceforth do work. I need a little decompression time. I guess that is the right word for it now.

Also this dang computer needs fixin'.


...i know the storms, they will sweep me away...

So I just looked through probably a few hundred Facebook pictures of myself, just reminiscing the past. It really is amazing to see how time flies and how things only a year ago seem like so very, very long ago. I hope this summer with my time in Peru will be a major landmark in my life. I hope I really am truly changed.

My parents arrive on Sunday and I can't wait to see them, it has been far too long. I miss them and love them and hope to be able to show my gratitude for them more than I ever have before.

I had dinner with Lorae last night and that was fantastic. It was so nice to enjoy a nice meal, a great friend, and a fantastic night in NYC. I also got to see Emily when I got back to Kyle's apartment. That was a good time.

What happened to the friends who have fallen away?


...i'm in a New York state of mind...

So here I am in NYC. As I return from Peru I cannot fully appreciate my new love and hatred for humanity. It is such an interesting dynamic that I feel about the essence that makes us who we are. On one hand I love humanity. I love how we can relate to others and the fact that we all have emotions and a soul and an image made in the likeness of God himself. I have prayed over the past year that God would, as Dustin Kensrue of Thrice puts it, "refine hate and love." I certainly feel a love for people now more than ever. I am not sure exactly how or if the conditions and living in Peru gave me this new found love, but I know it is of God. I see people and I just realize their pains and their joys and their desperate need for a Savior. I see people and I see their complete joy and sufferings living in the comforting hands of God. I am learning how to love. Certainly if I do not have love, I have nothing.

I hate as well. I hate humanity and the essence of humanity at times. I hate our frailness, rebellion, and stubbornness. I hate this in myself and others. I know I do not hate the person though, for this would be a grave sin. I hate most of all sin. Is not this simple word the characteristic of our world and does not all downfall, pain, and death come from this simple word? It is interesting to see that God would allow sin. How can we realize redemption without something to be redeemed from? If I do not hate that which is evil, I do not align myself with a utmost important characteristic of the Most High God.

God certainly has fallen afresh on me (to steal more of Thrice's lyrics...I am such a fanboy) this summer.

I think I will try and go get my computer fixed and get these bug bites to stop itching.



...these mountains will move themselves...

So here I am in the middle of the Andes MontaƱas (Mountains) in the ancient capital city of the Incans, Cusco. It is a nice city, most of the streets are one way, paved with bricks, and covered with a constant flock of people. The hustle and bustle of a relatively large Peruvian city is nice, that should prepare me for my short stay in NYC.

This summer has been quite an experience. I got to see many people come to know Christ and see some people´s lives turned around bigtime. Mine included. I am never good at putting those kind of things into words, give me a few months and it will be better, but I will try anyways.

So this summer I realized that as much as I don´t want to put forth the full effort at times, God is to be strived for with everything we have and everything we are at all times. We Christians must pray and share the Gospel with the lost. How can we not? It is to ignore the main plan of God! I speak only in terms of one who is preaching, but Christians: we are already safe in the arms of the Father. For what reason should we not pray first and foremost for the lost who are currently, right now, trapped and enslaved in their sin and under the rule of Satan? For what reason should we not tell them, at any cost, the good news and salvation that is in Christ Jesus? How is it that we live idle and go among and only perhaps share the Gospel with people perhaps when they ask us bluntly about it? I speak to myself as much as I am to all who are reading this. As for ourselves, what is our reason for not spending time with the creator of the universe daily? Jesus calls us to take up our crosses daily and follow him. How can we follow him if we do not know him? Can one blind man lead another? I ask that with a dual purpose. How can we follow the straight and narrow path God has set before us and how can we lead others on that path if we do not see the one who is lighting it? Does not the Psalmist say that his word is a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path? The Word brings us closer to God! How many revelations have I received from simple and convicting words from the Bible? Inummerable. Also, what wisdom and revalation can we receive from God if we are not communicating with Him? I am afraid to answer that. At times when I have not prayed in a while, it might be a day, and hour, or a few days, when I close my eyes and talk with the Father, the one who made me and gave me everything I have, I find peace and joy. Let this be an exhoration to your life and mine.

Wow that seemed preachy. I guess I was talking to myself really. That is what I learned this summer, more or less.