Mark Driscoll, Cessationism, and Shenanigans

Some of you privy to the blogging realm of Christendom may be wondering: What in the world is going on with Mark Driscoll these days? What is cessationism? Who are these people freaking out? What's the deal? I've compiled a chronological host of links related to the shenanigans taking place. I hope they are informative. Please comment with more links if you have them.

7/25 - The Resurgence posts a talk by Driscoll given at a Resurgence conference recently. He details four movements within global Christianity now: Reformed theology, complementarian relationships, Spirit-filled lives, and missional churches.

8/2 - Frank Turk responds in an open letter to some comments Driscoll made in the aforementioned talk.

8/2 - A transcript of a portion of Driscoll's talk is provided.

8/7 - Clint Archer writes a fiery response to Driscoll at The Cripplegate.

8/11 - Nathan Busenitz elaborates on what cessationism is not at The Cripplegate.

8/15 - Phil Johnson writes about "Pornographic Divination" at Pyromaniacs.

8/17 - Doug Wilson chimes in.

8/18 - Phil Johnson and Dan Phillips respond to Doug.

8/18 - Doug Wilson chimes back.

8/18 - Possibly related: A second message by Driscoll on the original topic.


  1. Scripture, some specifics mentioned in comments in various places are Sos and Ezekiel, is the norm normata, not man.

    I see comments such as if MD does or says X, then why does Spurgeon get a pass. Or id Ezekiel says Y, then why is MD saying porn.

    Fact is, MD, like everyone since he isn't special, God is not a respecter of persons, is measured by scripture, not scripture by men.

  2. Wow. I've been trying to read this over the past few days, and it still hurts my head. I have a hard time agreeing with the idea of cessationism, but I also happen to think that Driscoll could have found a better way to share what he did (if it was even needed to share the specifics in the first place). Food for thought. Thanks for sharing Trevor!

  3. mwhenry - I don't really understand your point.

    gwenjo - You're welcome. I think this is a important issue to think through, but certainly not an ultimate issue. May we all be edified.

  4. Thanks for the links and organization -- I'd missed this whole affair until your post. *I would say that it appears MD (and even DW) are overstating or mischaracterizing the cessationist position. (the "what is is not" post was very helpful. **Of course I happen to be preparing to preach on this area (spiritual gifts) on next sunday!