a fire inside my being

I relish the times when I can pray to the Father with clear and desperate pleas.
There are going to be some pretty big life decisions very soon for me...where I should begin my post-college life primarily. Many other things hinge on this and I am not sure of much. I was listening to a radio broadcast a few nights ago and the speaker was talking about doubts. He said that often are doubts trick us into thinking we are at a place of intellectual deficiency, that we need more information to make a rational, informed decision when in reality our real problem is failing to live with a righteous character instead of simply being confused because we can't figure something out.
I think I might be at a similar point. I have vowed (to myself) to keep these entries short so I will leave it at that. My doubts: are they brought forth by genuine intellectual deficiencies, or am I fooling mysely in a prideful manner into thinking my dilemmas are merely difficult decisions that need a logical answer and thus truly failing to live in faith?
More entries to come.

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