Desperate Souls

Would you like to know the reason why we who preach the Gospel, preach so often about conversion? We do it because of the necessities of men’s souls. We do it because we see plainly from the Word of God that nothing short of a thorough change of heart will ever meet the demands of your case. Your case is naturally desperate. Your danger is great. You need not only the atonement of Jesus Christ – but the quickening, sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, to make you a true Christian, and deliver you from hell.
 - J.C. Ryle
(via J.C. Ryle Quotes)

I was recently talking with my pastor, Mike as we do weekly and we got talking about the necessity of and failure to often preach the biblical truth about regeneration. The man who calls himself a Christian and yet is as dead as a corpse spiritually is neither saved nor a Christian. Did Jesus not say you must be born-again ( John 3:3 )? I am preaching at my church in a few weeks as Mike has so graciously allowed me to and will be helping me with thus...perhaps I will touch on the doctrine of regeneration.

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