Gospel Hammer To A Thick Skull

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits..." (Psalm 103:2)

"Bless" - Psalm 103 is characterized by David preaching to himself. He is basically trying to knock all the benefits and goodness of God into his thick skull by means of repetitious and expansive reminder. But David does not only want to remember God's benefits, he reminds himself to "bless the LORD". God's benefits should move us to bless Him.

"the LORD" - The giver of the goodness and the recipient of our blessing is the eternal Jehovah. This is the God who revealed Himself to Moses on the mountain. This is the uncreated Creator, the great I AM. 

"forget not" - Every day, preferably sooner than later, we should be recalling all of God's goodness and benefits toward us. When we forget God and what he has done for us, bad things happen. Those who forget God will eventually forsake God. Don't forget Him!

"all his benefits" - Go on to read the rest of Psalm 103 and consider all the benefits of God given to you. They are astounding and worthy of much meditation. Bring these things to memory daily and you will surely grow in the knowledge of God's grace and in your own faith. 

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