Election Night Prayer

Father in heaven, as the USA votes tomorrow, I pray

that all of your people would vote,

that You would move your people to participate in choosing the authorities you have established (Rom. 13:1),

that You would open our eyes to the blessings we so easily overlook in a democratic system which approves good and punishes evil, albeit imperfectly, for You have established all authorities in perfect wisdom;

that evil acts which are now approved and legal may be rejected and punished,

that you would give your people further courage to lead in government positions and be lights in dark places,

that all peoples and rulers may bow the knee and kiss the Son in loving worship (Ps. 2),

and that your people would serve, honor, and treasure the King of kings, Jesus Christ, far above any temporary, much less than dust, easily forgettable government administration.

Grow in your people's hearts an ever-increasing affection and passion for the gospel of Christ even as the love of many grows cold and send us out with loud heralding as Jesus builds His Kingdom, which is forever and ever, amen.

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