theses for the American Church

Here are some excerpts from four blog posts by Jared Wilson:
95 theses for the American Church (an ode to the original 95 theses).
  • 10. The aim of devotion to Scripture is our transformation, not merely our information
  • 18. The American Christian has forgotten how to pray.
  • 25. The legacy of license, corruption, and theological superficiality in the modernist church suffocates community by affirming the Self and its prerogatives as the Christian's real gods.
  • 31. Christian community ought to be oriented around the treasure of the gospel and purposed around the proclamation of the kingdom.
  • 46. The American Church loves the spirit of the age and idolizes relevancy.
  • 24. The legacy of legalism, gossip, condemnation, and bigotry in the fundamentalist church suffocates community by removing the gospel-honoring security of bold confession and relational authenticity.
  • 57. The tide can turn in American evangelicalism if we will return to our first love.
  • 62. The pastors of the churches in American have ceased serving as their church's resident theologian.  

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