Reflection on Spurgeon's Morning Devotion for Dec. 30

Ecclesiastes 7:8 "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it."

The diamond is hewn from a rock of uncomely stature, it is carved from the plainest stone. That which is precious is carved away whilst the jeweler regards no loss for he is creating that which is magnificent. So are we carved; we lose that which may be precious in our eyes but it is necessary to be carved away so that we may be made glorious. The master jeweler is Christ, we are the stones. Where will our final home be? We will be placed into the crown of King Jesus to be a prism shining forth a single glorious beam from the source of light of the King. Until we are placed as diadems in the crown of the King it is necessary that we must undergo the fire of refining in this life.

Note: I have a number of blog posts that will be up in the future, but I have been terribly bogged down with work (read: too lazy) to post all I have written. Look out for some in the future my imaginary readers!

Oh and I totally wrote this on my iPod. Technology win. Typing efficency fail.

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