The Dawn

I am standing on the side of the main road outside of my development taking a look at the sun. It is shining through a thin veil of clouds pockmarked by the wind. The rays of the sun are resting on a lower bank of clouds like water passing over the precipice of a waterfall. The sun is pouring light onto my early evening outside the home where I live. Yet, as I behold this beauty, I know this world is not my true home.

The sun is now obscured by a darker and thicker bank of clouds. A pale, warm orange lights up the thinner clouds the sun's rays try to poke through. The waterfall of light is fading as if the river feeding the waterfall has finally run dry. I am bound for a world where there is no sun.
Indeed, I am "between two worlds". My life is one where I constantly live at the dawn. Two worlds meet and coexist at the dawn. Light and darkness. The dark kingdom calls for me to return to my blindness and the kingdom of light beckons me to the coming domain of which I hope and press towards.

This momentary sun will yet again set and bring darkness to my corner of the globe. When I rise early tomorrow, I will wake in the dawn and know that my kingdom is coming. The ruler of my kingdom is making haste. The dawn will finally break one day and then the night will never return. For the sun will know no glory compared to the very glory I will radiate.

But the source of light is coming. It is a greater light. And "in him there is no darkness at all."


  1. Trevor, such a great piece. It really paints a picture. I don't know about others but I know what you wrote puts what I think about sometimes on paper, or the web. It's a very well drawn picture of what lies ahead and what we face each and every day. It's also very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Trevor,I heartily agree with Kimberly,your words were artfully woven into the fabric of my consciousness as I read them.The majesty of Gods work surrounds us,if only we take the time to quiet our minds and be amazed at the miracles surrounding us.I anxiously await the coming of my King.

  3. Beautiful, Trevor! This whole piece is inspiring and insightful. I'm so glad to have been brought into contact with you, brother!

  4. Well said! The very definition of hope! I recently told my grandson that the difference between Jesus and today's super heroes is that Jesus does not have a dark side. Indeed, in Him is no darkness at all.

  5. Excellent word, JD! A good way to remind our young and impressionable wards that superheroes (and I love 'em as much as the next guy) are still (essentially) human.