Straight from the journal Wednesday

So if I can keep up with it, I think I will be posting verbatim what I have written down in my journal, which happens to be a moleskine - hence the title - on Wednesdays of each week. This first entry will be from my notes on Psalm 119 (my favorite Psalm, maybe my favorite chapter in the Bible) from 6/16/2010.

Psalm 119:1-8
Ps. 119:1 I can be blameless (free from guilt of sin) by God's electing purposes. Freedom from guilt comes from walking in God's law. Live his commands. Live love. The blameless are given happiness!
Ps. 119:2 Happiness is the fruit of observing God's rules and following his ways. We obey for our joy + communion with God.
Ps. 119:5 The psalmist says this because he is not predisposed to keeping God's statutes! God must empower us to keep his statutes. He gives us a new heart + writes his law on our hearts with the Spirit. Jer. 31:33-34
Ps. 119:7 Teach me your rules O Lord!
Ps. 118:8 The other end of the spectrum of living in accord with God's way and path for our lives is to be utterly forsaken.

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