Straight From the Journal – Psalm 119:49-50

(Psalm 119:49) Out hope is to be established (by God) and set on God's promises in his word. The promise of God is to give me life (Ps. 119:50). His word is that of love for me (cf. Ps. 119:41-43). All of his words to me are meant for my hope, encouragement, and that I might trust in God's enduring word.

(Psalm 119:50) He will give me live according to his word. He promises this. Life comes through the promise. The promise is in his word. His word is not the promised life, but the vehicle of the promise.

A definition of "according to":
-in agreement with
-consistent with; in conformity with
-on the authority of
-in proportion to
-contingent to

God's promises are contingent to what he actually promises. What he promises is life (Ps. 119:25,50) and he tells us this in his word.


  1. I appreciate your expansion of the phrase "according to." It's become one of the Christian-y things to say and pray without realizing how incredibly potent it truly is. I just re-read your statement following v. 50 and substituted each definition each time I read it. That should knock anybody's socks off.

  2. Thanks Seth. Ya know, you are actually thanking my lack of an expansive vocabulary. What I mean is this: the book I have next to my Bible - my journal. The book I have next to my journal - a dictionary.

    I don't know how one can get through the Bible with proper understanding without knowing what words actually mean! Also, reading the Puritans, on a somewhat related note, will definitely increase your vocabulary.