Straight from the journal

     Make known to me O Father the unsearchable riches of Christ. Preach to me the goodness of your Son. Give me his words, his teaching. Confront me with His holiness. I fall dead to the ground before the terrible splendor of the Messiah who is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise! I want to be with you O God! My emotions run strong now and will no doubt fade to a lame state in time, but oh how I long to feel your love overwhelm me. Let no earthly romance steal my heart from thee. I pour contempt on all my pride. Refine hate and love. Forge me into the pure, golden image of your Son! I am amazed even with what temporal blessings you lavish upon an ill-deserving rebel! Batter my heart for thee. Press me on and may I persevere and help my brethren.
     Christ, be my guide, for you have the words of life.
          Through you I pray O Savior...

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