But God...

"But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us..."
 - Ephesians 2:4
Paul speaks of God "being rich in mercy" as an essential descriptor and characteristic of God himself; indeed, it is.

There is a turning point here. God is the actor, the unexpected visitor, the deus ex machina who changes the scene. The scene is of a world filled with spiritual corpses, following the devil who works in them in disobedience to God. God enters the scene to change these zombified children of wrath into alive, Christ-united people.

God's mercy is rich. It is like a heavy, sweet, thick dessert cake; it is like a mountain full of gold.

God's great love is the cause of our new life in Christ. This divine love is unreasonable to the mind of man, for we are not lovely. To love something is to testify to its loveliness. This love, however, is unconditional, unprecedented, and unique. It is a love that is set upon the unlovely. It overflows from an infinite God whose love reserves are great and beyond our comprehension. God focuses this radical love on us. He loves his people, the Church.

Remind yourself that God loves you.

Meditate on this love, seen in the cross of the Lord Jesus.

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