The All-Sufficient Mercy of God

The Gadsby hymnal is a collection of hymns put together by William Gadsby, a Particular Baptist minister who lived from 1773–1844. Recently, certain groups have selected songs from this hymnal and put the texts to modern tunes. Here is one (#12) entitled "The All-Sufficient Mercy of God". I'm quite a fan. (Note: I'm not entirely sure what it means that the third stanza is in brackets, but I find that verse cutting and very helpful.)

All glory to mercy we bring,
The mercy that reigns evermore,
The infinite mercy we sing,
The mercy eternal adore.

The mercy converting we prize;
In mercy forgiving delight;
For conquering mercy we rise,
We rise and triumphantly fight.

[And when we are wounded by sin,
And scarcely a prayer can repeat,
The mercy that heals us again,
Is mercy transportingly sweet.]

What though in the furnace we fall,
Free mercy the Saviour proclaims;
Free mercy in Jesus we call,
And glorify God in the flames.

For mercy upholding we pray;
For mercy confirming aspire;
And mercy will bear us away
To God and the glorified choir.

 - Written by R. Burnham, based on Psalm 89:28, via The Gadsby Hymnal

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  1. The brackets were placed by the editor (presumably Gadsby in that section of the hymnal) to suggest verses which, for the sake of corporate worship brevity, can be omitted.