Public Schools: Fields of Harvest

Drue Warner, director of Live, Work and Play Ministries at Atlanta’s Perimeter Church (PCA):
"We may have cared about our communities evangelistically, but we haven’t cared holistically about the needs of our communities. If we want to see God do a work of transformation in our communities, it really starts by building relationships with families, because there’s a lot of breakdown in families. And one of the best places to build a relationship with families is in our public schools. They’re the hubs of our communities."
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I tutored children at a local middle school once a week for a semester a few years back as part of required service for an organization I was in. I did not get to know the children from that school closely but I can clearly see that messengers of the gospel are needed to minister to these children and by connection, their families. The brokenness of families in this world is certainly far worse than I realize and likely a problem (perhaps one of the most significant problems in this world) that has few people working to solve it.

Will we go to these fields of harvest or let them languish and die?

Go to a local school. Discover the places to serve. Bring the gospel on ready feet. Ask around in your local church to find connections to the schools. Connect with people!

Here's one more quote from the article:
"We can preach the gospel in the public schools, and the way we’re going to do that is through our lives, by allowing teachers, students, families, and administrators to experience the love of Christ through our actions, with a goal of provoking them to ask questions, provoking them to curiosity.’ Once that happens, you can talk about whatever you want."
(One of the main reasons I share this is because I travel past two schools on my way to work every day. I need to get connected!)

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