Looking Down On Sinners

I came across this in the daily Bible study on Ephesians 2:11 in TableTalk magazine:
Paul reminds the Gentiles of their desperate situation before Christ came and shows them that they have no reason to look down upon the Jews. We, too, should remember how far off we were from God before Jesus so that we never haughtily look down upon those who do not know the Savior. We are not inherently better than those who are outside the covenant community, but have as much need of the gospel as they do.
Here is an excerpt of what I wrote this morning in response to this verse/commentary:

I am not in any way better than my friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members who do not know Jesus. I need the gospel just as much as they do. Be careful not to elevate yourself in pride. How does pride manifest itself in this manner in my life?
 - When I think that God doesn’t care for and love my lost friends/coworkers. He does love them. But in what manner does he love them? He sent Jesus as a full and open offer of redemption and grace, free of any meritorious works on our part. God sent Jesus for sinners and we are all sinners. Many will reject Jesus, few will he save.
 - When I think that God is unable to save them. When I am rightly disgusted by the sins of the lost, I may quickly jump to the conclusion that they are irredeemable. This betrays God’s grace shown to me and all others who he has saved.

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