Jesus' activity in my life

Recently, on my Tumblr blog, someone asked me this:
What is Jesus doing in the life of Trevor today?
I was glad to give an answer to a good question; I've always been leery of giving anonymous internet users the ability to ask me things. Here's my response:
Jesus is working in my life in thousands of ways, but I am only able to discern one or two. And for that I am thankful. “A thousand things are happening in this one thing.”
I was reading 1 Peter 3 yesterday in my study through one of the more difficult passages I’ve come across in Scripture (3:18-22) and I was taught a few things:
  1. God’s patience with sinners is off-the-charts. (“when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah” is but one example)
  2. Jesus is very much like the ark of Noah for all who believe in him; it delivers us from the waters of God’s wrath.
  3. I am safe in Jesus, through his death and resurrection, from all wrath of God. Anything “bad” I experience is not God’s punitive wrath.
Separate from that, I was outside in a park on my lunch break reading when a young man (probably around my age) saw me reading the Bible and he asked if I read the whole thing and how long it took and then shared his frustrations with trying to understand the Bible when he has read it in the past. I told him that it is helpful to ask the Bible questions, like, “What does this passage say about God? What does it tell me about Jesus? What should my response to this passage be?” I never caught his name, but I prayed for him then and there. I can guarantee if you sit out in a public park in downtown Syracuse, you will find someone to converse with. Also, I regretted not having some evangelistic literature with me when the man was speaking to me. I should spend more time outside. The fields are so ripe.

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