A child's prayer

Our Father in heaven, You are above all this world and You are our loving Father. We our your children. Impress our new and permanent identity on our souls - we are your kids. You gave us new life and caused us to be born again. And there's so much more! You gave us a perfect inheritance which is being saved for us in heaven. And that treasure is Yourself, for what else is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading? And there is still more. You made us co-heirs with our elder brother and savior Jesus.

Jesus, you suffered for us so that we wouldn't have to. You suffered to make us sons and daughters, heirs of your Father. You suffered to cancel our sin and break its power over us. We act foolishly and so often run after our sinful passions instead of the Father's will. We are sorry. Teach us that these things will only increase our sorrows.

We're coming back to You, O God! Help us live for your will and sink the gospel deep into our hearts. Give us the eyes of faith, to look to the unseen things, the wonderful things You have in store when we will be with You and You will be with us and we will dwell with God forever.

Our soul thirsts for You. Satisfy us with your love!
Through the Beloved Son, Jesus, amen.

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