Great peace

The below is a sample of what I do during my devotion times throughout the week. In general I read, write, and pray for 20 minutes each. This framework has been very helpful for my personal, private times of seeking God. I hope this might be of benefit to you as you seek our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please comment and discuss the questions in italics.
    "The unfolding of your words gives light;
        it imparts understanding to the simple."
 - Psalm 119:130
    "Great peace have those who love your law;
        nothing can make them stumble."
 - Psalm 119:165
The lover of God's law has great peace. Their peace is not small or brief. The peace that is great is possessed by lover's of God's laws. They hold and own the peace that God's law brings.

If the law serves to show us our sin (Romans 7), then how can it ultimately bring peace?

Absolutely nothing can make this person stumble. They stand secure and firm. How does one love [the] law?

To love something, you must know it. Lovers of God's law know his law. God has given the Law (Sinai) and sent the Son (Bethlehem).

When a person knows and loves the God's law, they will live a more secure life and forces of temptation and challenges will not trip up their step.

If one does not have great peace, they probably do not love God's law; vice versa.

How does the law give great peace? It gives light (Ps. 119:130). The bright path, illuminated by God's law dsplays all the snares and traps laid in every place to catch the lover og God.

Read much of your Bible, because it will give light to your path.
Meditate throughout the day on God's word. Place it as the highest priority item to think about.
Love the laws that brighten my path. Light is of God. Love and praise God for his illuminating law.
Examine where I have peace and fear. Test my love, heart, and affections.
Share what has been brought in the light by God's law with others.

Question for self / accountability: What has God's law shed light on for you during this [time period]?

Father of lights,
   illuminate my path by your law and words.
Give my way light from your testimonies,
   the Law, the Prophets, the Songs, the Proverbs, the Gospels, the Letters.
Guide my steps,
   I am prone to wonder.
The humble will be exalted,
   the proud will be brought low.
Show me the snares which Satan lays,
   for my entanglement and downfall.
Help me dodge and avoid them,
   they long to devour me.
Make known to your Church her corporate sins,
   guide us to make war against them.
You are not the deistic Watchmaker,
   you are the sovereign I AM.
Christ, you are eternal,
   you are King eternal.
Spirit, powerfully move in this city,
   dry the wits of the wicked
   and then light them ablaze.
Give them life,
   discard little dross from Syracuse.
Drive my fear away.
In the name of the Beloved, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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    Looks one who really loves the law can have peace and joy in it. But how does one come to love the law in the first place?

    The law shows us how hopelessly condemned we are because of our sins. Why would one love either the messenger or the condemner?

    I'm really not sure how David (or other Old Testament people) ever came to love the law, but those who know the message of the Christ should be able to love the law.

    First saved from condemnation by the sacrifice of the Christ, we can learn to love the law as the word of the God we have been created to love, and his light then becomes a light unto our path.

    How did OT people love the law? Dunno. Is this what they meant by fearing God? Cuz I might have lived in despair if it were me back then. I guess there are plenty of blessings and promises in the OT for those who keep the law. But were they then looking to be rewarded with secular prosperity? Or would one have really tried to seek a close relationship with an awesome (old definition) God?

    (Gonna stop this now before it tangents away from "the law")