A Request for Love

Here's a prayer inspired by Psalm 119:88 - "In your steadfast love give me life, that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth."

Give me life in your steadfast love. So fill me with a vitality, brightness, radiance divine, grace and peace that I keep your testimonies. Your solemn will declared for me is my sanctification.

Holy Father, wrap me up in your love. My "love" is pitiful. I am partial, prejudiced, lacking in zeal, selfish, and altogether unlovely. But your love is perfect. Your love is kind, patient, bountiful. It knows no bounds. It lasts forever. Its strength goes unmatched. It is rich and free. It is fixed on me eternally.

Who am I that you would see my sin and rebellion and still you would fix your gaze of love on me? The love of Christ provides the sacrifice for my sins and it is great enough to cleanse me from my sins.

May the life you give me, the life in the Spirit, bring me into conformity in thought and deed to your Son. Change my heart daily and renew me day by day until the great day of my full, final, complete redemption.

Your mouth utters only truth. Open my ears to hear your testimonies, your solemn, perfect will. Your word is fixed and cannot change. You will not withdraw your love from me. As my life inches closer to the day of the LORD, may I only know more of the rich life in your Spirit.

Cause my heart to feel your love and in your steadfast love give me life.

In the name of the loving, once bled, now enthroned Son of God does my prayer ascend to you. Amen.

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