Psalm 119 Selections

(Ps. 119:57) The LORD is my inheritance. I can be staisfied in him because he has given to me that which is priceless. God "gave him up for us all" and with Jesus he will "graciously give us all things." (Rom. 8:32)

(Ps. 119:59) This verse shows us an effective call to meditation, reflection, and repentance. The psalmist pointedly considered his actions, decisions, course, and trajectory of life. As the psalmist revlected on his life he was brought to repentance. Out thoughts should often bring us to consider our heavenly Father and all the love that he has for us. We may often find ourselves "coming to our senses", much like the younger son (Luke 15:17). Take inventory of your life. Where have we wandered from God's commandments?

(Ps. 119:60) As you consider your ways and examine your heart, let your repentance be swift. Like a deer who hears an unfamiliar rustle in the bush, like a hand when it touches a hot pan, so let your repentance be quick to turn from wayward sin and to God's testimonies.

(Ps. 119:61) Even if the wicked hold you captive for a season, do not forget God's law.

(Ps. 119:64) The love of God is truly all around me.

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  1. Loving the imagery of being spurred to repentance. Truly we should be cut to the quick by our shortcomings and seek immediate reconciliation to our Lord.