Gadsby #12

12 8s R. Burnham
The All-Sufficient Mercy of God. Ps. 89. 28

1 All glory to mercy we bring,
The mercy that reigns evermore,
The infinite mercy we sing,
The mercy eternal adore.

2 The mercy converting we prize;
In mercy forgiving delight;
For conquering mercy we rise,
We rise and triumphantly fight.

3 [And when we are wounded by sin,
And scarcely a prayer can repeat,
The mercy that heals us again,
Is mercy transportingly sweet.]

4 What though in the furnace we fall,
Free mercy the Saviour proclaims;
Free mercy in Jesus we call,
And glorify God in the flames.

5 For mercy upholding we pray;
For mercy confirming aspire;
And mercy will bear us away
To God and the glorified choir.

The extent of God's mercy is much greater than we realize. God's mercy flows from the "the love that will not let me go" as another hymn tells.

Mercy is not only forgiveness flowing from a high authority to a lowly criminal, it is comprehensive. When God has mercy on us, he changes, forgives, and enlists us to join the unstoppable advance of His kingdom in the hearts of men.

Mercy often will meet us in such a sweet manner, even when we are sick with sin, and melt hearts of stone. Oh that God may further shape us!

May God have mercy on us!

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