...will i trust you, will i trust you to carry me through?

In the midst of a time when I should be doing many other things, I blog. That is a half truth, I am doing some needed uploading of music onto my computer though and alot of reorganizing.

Have you ever been so scared of something that you don't believe it happened to you or you saw it? You were almost in denial? When my eyes truly saw what this world is capable of, I almost didn't believe it. I almost denied that this world could be that corrupt. It is. This world is more corrupt than you know and we live in a place where demons are ever present it seems. But there is a battle happening. A battle unseen, a battle felt, a battle constant. Between the ultimate holiness and the ultimate corruption. We are all affected by this battle. We are in it and we are the victims and soldiers.

So I moved into my apartment recently and I enjoy it very much. I still feel so different after Peru. God has moved so much in my life that I can never look at things the same. If I had not been changed by Peru I certainly would have been doing something wrong.

If anyone reads this, drop a comment.

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