...i know the storms, they will sweep me away...

So I just looked through probably a few hundred Facebook pictures of myself, just reminiscing the past. It really is amazing to see how time flies and how things only a year ago seem like so very, very long ago. I hope this summer with my time in Peru will be a major landmark in my life. I hope I really am truly changed.

My parents arrive on Sunday and I can't wait to see them, it has been far too long. I miss them and love them and hope to be able to show my gratitude for them more than I ever have before.

I had dinner with Lorae last night and that was fantastic. It was so nice to enjoy a nice meal, a great friend, and a fantastic night in NYC. I also got to see Emily when I got back to Kyle's apartment. That was a good time.

What happened to the friends who have fallen away?

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