...can you see the sky turn red?...

I am thankful for friends. Friends who are there to hear me. Friends who are there who know me better than I know myself at times. Friends who tell me the truth. Friends who have great advice. Friends who are Godly and friends who love me. Thank you friends.

Life has still been difficult, but I think once the semester ends I will have a large weight lifted off my shoulders. Though the weight may be gone, I think I still need to learn not to live with and deal with the weight of college. If I don't I will be doomed to unhappiness I believe.

I really think the majority of most things in life and how I deal with them comes down to my understanding and acceptance of God's grace. I really (really) need to grasp this concept and stop living with guilt. Guilt from sin, or sadness from circumstances. I am loved. I am his workmanship. This is a truly amazing concept and I need to grasp it and live it. Not to say that God hasn't made huge leaps and bounds in my life in the right directions, I just think that as I have been having a very difficult time in my life, I need to look to God and the key thing that he has done and the main thing that he is about.

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