...you'll be doing alright with your christmas of white...

I never have much to say, but words pour from my mouth.
I can't write a song, but I can go deaf.
I dream, but don't believe.
I understand, but I forget.
I love, but I am cold.

Wow so this break has been actually unbelievably boring. Someone call the whaaaaambulance. That's enough of that. I don wonder why break is always so boring.

Man I actually wish I could go to BWC.

God is teaching me things, but I am not grasping them firmly yet.

I think be it the environment I have been in or the people I have been around or simply the person I have become...I think that this has led me to desire a super-charged spiritual life. I mean I want good teaching, all the time, great worship, all the time, great fellowship, all the time, amazing alone times, all the time. I think those desires are appropriate...but man does life fall short. Ok I really can't organize all these thoughts in my head appropriately so I think I will stop there.

If anyone reads this, drop a comment or something. Just curious.

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