...i want to write the perfect song, and play it just for you...

Are things looking up? Perhaps. Regardless of my situation, no matter how good or bad life treats me, no matter the blessings or trials I receive from God, I must remain in humble praise. My blessings might all be a figment of my imagination currently; we will see about that.

I can't wait for break so I can:
1. Jam with my new amp which is currently on its way to me (Line 6 Vetta).
2. Compile all the lyrics I have written and try and put them together with the chord progressions and riffs I have written.
3. Hang out with my family.
4. Hang out with my (newfound?) Syracuse friends.
5. Go to NYC and see some friends and chill on Wall Street for a while.
6. Begin all the internship applications for this next round.

Well I think that is partially a to-do list for me...lets see how much of it I get done.

I think I love basically every lyric of every song that Thrice has written...here is a little something I am enjoying currently, it is part of the song "T&C".

'Cause we're all in the same machine
each one with his own broken dreams
passion gives way to failure
so let's all try and understand
you take my hand and I'll take yours
you take my hand and I'll take yours
take my hand and I'll take yours
let our passion bleed...

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