Christian Loners Will Die

"But this consideration is also very important, that the Lord hath so divided his manifold graces, that no one is to be content with one thing and with his own gifts, but every one has need of the help and aid of his brother. This, I say, is a bond which God hath appointed for retaining friendship among men, for they cannot live without mutual assistance. Thus it happens, that he who in many things seeks the aid of his brethren, ought to communicate to them more freely what he has received."
 - John Calvin, commenting on 1 Peter 4:10

The fact that we are directed to "serve one another" with the gifts we have received from God indicates that no single person possesses a totality of gifts from God. We are made for community. There's no way around it.

Can we open our hearts and hands in service to one another? Can we, "above all, keep loving one another earnestly"? We are called to do just that. If we don't we will wallow in our deficient selves - perhaps the worst fate that could befall us in our short time here on Earth.

Let's not be cold to one another and sink in the icy pool of self-centeredness. We have been given "God's varied grace" (1 Pt. 4:10). Let's be vessels who are always tipping over and pouring the grace given to them into others. For God's grace and the sake of the Church.

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