What Is True Repentance?

My roommate and I are working on a small group study guide on Mark and I came across these words by Andrew Murray on Mark 1:15:
Repentance is not an actual victory over sin, but the soul has to bring every sin to the feet of the Lord Jesus, the great victor over sin, that He may take it away; and this cannot find place, except by faith which has acknowledged that He is faithful to forgive sin, and to cleanse from all unrighteousness.
Indeed, repentance is not merely a turning away from sin. It necessarily involves a turning to Jesus in faith. If we only turn from sin and fail to turn to God, this would, as Murray says, only "tend to self-righteousness". How often is that my predicament. An aversion to sin with scant affections for God. True repentance involves Christ. If Christ is not involved in our repentance, we are not repenting. If Christ is not the one to whom we turn, we only would turn from sin to sin, from sin to self, from sin to weakness. But if we turn from sin in faith that Jesus finished what he said he finished on the cross, we will find true repentance.

May we go to the cross of Christ all the days of our lives in true repentance. May God grant us this powerful repentance wed to forgiveness of sin in Jesus.

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