Potent Quotables (8/24)

I've been furiously working on studying for the next section of the CPA exam (Regulation, i.e. tax law) and co-creating a study guide on Mark to be used in small groups. I'm terribly excited for the University Church to launch at Syracuse University this Sunday! Looking forward to being involved deeply there. 

SU named No. 12 party school in nation - My alma mater proves itself to be quite raucous yet again. In certain environments, especially college ones, the effects of sin are abundantly clear. I can't wait to see the gospel take further root here in the hearts of men and women.

Global Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels - Hybels: "I’ve never known a single leader who regretted carrying out a tough calling." Regardless of your persuasion on seeker-sensitive types, you should be able to find encouragement here.

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich - Warren Buffet thinks the mega-rich should pay more taxes. (If you don't know, Buffet is quite mega-rich).

My favorite band, Thrice, just posted a lyric video to the song "Promises" on their new album Major/Minor, coming out in September. Dustin Kensrue again proves himself to be an excellent lyricist.

Thrice - Promises [Lyric Video]

Because God does not seek his own glory, but seeks the glory of others, because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all circling each other, glorifying each other, adoring each other, praising each other, serving each other, deferring to each other, because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are giving glorifying love to one another, God is infinitely happy. - Tim Keller

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