A Hymn - Boundless Grace

    1039     C.M.    A. Steele
    “The grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant.” 1 Tim. 1. 14
    1    Lord, we adore thy boundless grace,
            The heights and depths unknown,
        Of pardon, life, and joy, and peace,
            In thy beloved Son.

    2    O wondrous gifts of love divine,
            Dear Source of every good;
        Jesus, in thee what glories shine!
            How rich thy flowing blood!

    3    Come, all ye pining, hungry poor,
            The Saviour’s bounty taste;
        Behold a never-failing store
            For every willing guest.

    4    Here shall your numerous wants receive
            A free, a full supply;
        He has unmeasured bliss to give,
            And joys that never die.

HT: Grace Gems

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