Potent Quotables (8/11)

I guess this is the introduction to a new feature of the blog - Potent Quotables. Here you will find a number of links to various things I found worth checking out. I hope you enjoy!

Should The Church Accountant Be The One Called The "Worship Pastor"? Dan Kimball: "What is intriguing is that as we primarily define worship as singing, in terms of sacrifice - singing doesn't cost us too much. We mentally and emotionally bring ascent to our thoughts as we sing and focus on God. But we aren't really sacrificing something. Are we?"

The Road to a Downgrade WSJ: "This is the road to fiscal perdition. The looming debt downgrade only confirms what everyone knows: Congress has made so many promises to so many Americans that there is no conceivable way those promises can be kept. Tax rates might have to rise to 60%, 70%, even 80% to raise the revenues to finance these promises, but that would be economically ruinous."

Are You Worth Dying For?  Josh Thiessen: " Let me clarify, you are not worth dying for. That is what makes the gospel such a beautiful thing."

Should You Support Campus Crusade Staff Now That the Name Is Changing? Piper: "Since Campus Crusade for Christ announced (and explained) that it will change its name to Cru, some donors have withdrawn support from Crusade staff. I am writing to say: That’s not a good reason to withdraw your support."

In light of recent clarifying events in London...


Never content with what it has, the unconverted heart always craves more. But the more it acquires, the less fulfillment it has. - S. Lawson

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