True Conversion

True conversion makes a marvellous change in the heart and life of every one who partakes of it. It brings a man off from all his old, fashionable, and delightful lusts, and from the common ways and vices of the world, to the will of God. It alters the mind, judgment, affections, way, and conversation of every one who has experienced it.
- Matthew Henry commenting on 1 Peter 4:1-2

And oh how delightful it is to be converted! To be permanently changed by God. To have "ceased from sin". To no longer be under the bondage of sin's cruel slavery. To be given divine strength to cast off our sinful desires. To be indwelt by God himself.

God's truth, sunk in our souls by the anchor of faith, is overwhelming. Let's live for our loving Father's will. For as the song goes, "We are changed not by the things we arrange, not by the works our hands have done. It's through your Son that we are changed!"

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